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Scenic Chair Lift Rides

Mt Baldy Scenic Lift Rides

Sugar Pine Chair Lift (chair 1) ferries riders from our parking lot to the Top of the Notch Restaurant. It gives access to miles of hiking trails including the popular route across Devils Backbone to the summit of Mt San Antonio (Mt Baldy). The ride is approximately 17 minutes and travels a distance of 1 mile.


Bottom of Sugar Pine Chair Lift: 6500ft
Top of Sugar Pine Chair Lift: 7800ft

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Rider Rules, Guidelines & Info

  • 2 people per chair only
  • Must be 14 or older to ride alone
  • Riders 12 and under must ride with adult
  • Weight limit 350 lbs per person
  • No dogs allowed (hiking access available)
  • Access available for: bags, strollers, bikes etc…
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Be conscious of loose items and clothing while riding the lift. They can get caught while loading and unloading
  • Absolutely no bouncing, swinging, or horseplay during chair ride
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